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Why Solar

Colorado's sunshine is perfect for powering your home with clean energy! In 2024, solar panels are more affordable than ever, and with state and federal incentives, you can significantly reduce your electricity bills while making a positive environmental impact.


After ensuring the quality of your roof and receiving approved plans, our install teams will install the racking, panels, and electrical work in under a week. All thats left after that is your electric provider turning the system on and you will immediately see the savings.



Silfab 410

Solar Panels

25 Year Warranty


Enphase IQ8A


25 Year Warranty

iq combiner.webp

Enphase IQ 5


25 Year Warranty

Costs and Savings

In Colorado in 2024 the average residential electricity rate falls around 12.3 cents per kWh. With the average household using around or over 1000 kWh a month, you will begin saving hundreds of $$$ a month. Federal and State tax credits will also drastically decrease the install costs of your system.



Once your system is up and running, practically no maintenance is required. Almost all of our components offer 25 year warranties and with our own 10 year workmanship warranty, you can have piece of mind that your system will be running smoothly for many many years.

10 Year

Past Work

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